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Automotive Engine Rebuilding

Whether you choose a rebuilt/remanufactured engine to save a prized vehicle, or you enjoy the freedom of not having car payments, a remanufactured engine purchase is one of the best ways to ensure your vehicle will continue to perform for you.  Our process and strict standards ensures that your new remanufactured engine will be as good as a new engine, and in many cases, better.  We simply pay better attention to the details that result in better gas mileage, higher performance, and most of all, longevity.

Assembled Long Block Unit

Assembled Long Block Unit

Exceeding Factory Specifications

At Budget Engine Rebuilders, we disassemble, clean and machine any gasoline automobile engine quickly and inexpensively – downright cheap, but at the quality you expect.  Whether you choose to rebuild an engine or completely remanufacture, our state-of-the-art tooling and equipment coupled with a refined and consistent process gives us extraordinary capabilities.  Experience and capability gets you back on the road quickly – with an engine that performs better than new.

We Guarantee It

If the promise of a strong and fuel-efficient engine is not enough, we stand behind each fully remanufactured engine.  On long block engines we provide a twelve month – 12,000 mile limited warranty.  And, on short block engines we provide a six month – 6,000 mile limited warranty.

Or, Let’s Work Together

Do you insist on doing it yourself but don’t have the machining capabilities? Trust our machine shop with your own engine rebuild projects. Our prices are reasonable and our quality is high.

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