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When you trust your engine rebuilt with Budget Engine Rebuilders, rest assured knowing that we do everything necessary to bring your engine back to like new condition. Very often, we find that during a rebuild, we can correct issues that have existed since the vehicle was new. The list of operations below is typical of our engine rebuild process.


Typical automobile engine as it arrives in our plant. This 8-cylinder gas engine awaits disassembly. We remove all parts and plugs to prepare the engine block for a thorough thermal cleaning.


This engine block is raised out of the oven where it received a thermal cleaning. The thermal cleaning chamber heats up to 650-800 F very evenly to break down the dirt and combustion byproducts without harming the casting.

Shot peening removes all residue that is left by the thermal cleaning operation.  Additionally, it removes rust and any other surface contaminants to leave the surface beautifully clean, making subsequent inspection easier and more effective.

Shot peening removes all residue left by thermal cleaning. Additionally, it removes rust and any other surface contaminants to leave the surface beautifully clean, making subsequent inspection easier and more effective.


Engine block during Magnaflux testing. Magnaflux testing is a (brand of) non-destructive testing technique that uses an electric current to create a magnetic charge in a casting. Cracks in the surface cause breaks in the magnetic charge, and a magnetic powder or solution spread on the surface reveals them.


Gas engine crankshaft in grinding operation to correct out-of-roundness and remove taper from the journals.


Piston rods undergoing reconditioning in honing machine. The resulting bore is as good as or better than new.


Cylinder head resurfacing is essential to a proper rebuild of an automobile engine. For the gasket to seal properly, the surface of the head must be flat and smooth. Our resurfacing operation leaves the head with a measured flatness and surface finish exceeding the manufacturer’s specifications.


Gas engine block in engine boring machine. Boring an engine is the process of cutting the cylinder bores larger. We bore engine cylinders to correct worn, out of round or tapered cylinders, and this improves performance by improving the ring seal.


Checking engine block cylinders for size during honing operation. Cylinder honing assures precision sizing and the correct surface finish. Piston rings seal most effectively when the surface finish is precise and the honing pattern is uniform.


The line hone operation corrects cap stretch and any distortion due to warp in the engine block. Once performed, the engine block exceeds manufacturer’s specifications for alignment, roundness and size.


Engine block after high-pressure washing to remove all machining debris. The engine block must be perfectly clean before reassembly.


Typical gas engine rebuild replacement parts.


Cylinder head valve seat and guide reconditioning.


Engine blocks during reassembly


Short blocks ready for cylinder heads


Assembled long block unit


A fully assembled gas engine ready for packaging.


Fully assembled gas engine readied for shipment. Budget Engine Rebuilders can ship anywhere in the contiguous United States.

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