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Limited Cylinder Head Warranty

Warranty Statement

This warranty covers defects in parts and workmanship for three months on cylinder heads. This limited warranty DOES NOT COVER ANY LABOR COST on any warranty claims submitted to Budget Engine Rebuilders, Inc. This warranty is strictly limited to repairs, replacement or exchange of defective head. Budget Engine Rebuilders DOES NOT MAKE ROAD CALLS and will not examine or troubleshoot. If a problem exists, the cylinder head must be removed and returned to Budget Engine Rebuilders for examination. Heads not found to be defective will be returned to you. This warranty begins to run from the date of the original invoice. This warranty is non-transferable. We sell a quality product although mistakes happen they are very rare.

No warranty on any damages to the engine or driver (including passengers). No towing or rental car charges, hotel bill, oil, anti-freeze or lost time will be paid.

Warranty Does Not Cover:

Valves bent due to shipping are not covered other than the replacement of the valve before the head is installed. Valves bent after the installations are not the fault of the rebuilder and will not be covered, valves that are burnt due to lean mixture or from a backed up exhaust system will not be covered.

Broken Cams:
Cams that have been run without oil, cams that have been broken by improper tightening of the cam bolt will not be covered.

Hydraulic Lifters and Adjusters:
Most lifter failure is caused from dirt in oil or trapped air in the filter. We do not cover lifters past 30 days. And only the replacement of lifter, if found to be defective.

Heat Tabs:
A metal disk with a lead center that melts out at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The loss of a heat tab or the melting out or dripping of the center voids any and all warranty.

Cylinder heads or parts that are damaged by speeding, over heating, accident, damaged or defective accessories components (not included in sale) abuse, neglect.

Faulty Installation:
Damages that are a result of faulty, incorrect or unqualified installation voids warranty. Budget Engine Rebuilders will not be responsible for the failure do to undiagnosed pre-existing problems related to cooling, carburation, fuel injection, egr valve, catalytic converter, electrical, computer-sensors, belts, etc. It is the mechanics responsibility to make any repairs needed and should be diagnosed and corrected before cylinder head is replaced. It it is required new head bolts should be used at all times or warranty will be void. ANY USE OF ABRASIVES WILL VOID WARRANTY.

Final Check:
The final check is for you to compare the head from the one you removed. Make sure everything is correct before you install it. Does the head have all the correct hole sizes, are any holes missing, are all bolt patterns the same. Make sure all spark plug holes and stud holes are in good shape. Now is the time to be sure. We will not cover the removal of the wrong head or stripped threads after the head has been put on.

Express and Implied Warranty Disclaimer:
Budget Engine Rebuilders, Inc. disclaims all warranties, express or implied. Other than the terms and provisions of this limited warranty, no other warranty is expressed or implied.

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