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Limited Engine Warranty - 3 years / 50,000 miles


This is not a Nationwide or Unconditional Warranty against all hazards or failures. This Limited Warranty is non-transferable. Justifiable warranty claims cover labor payment on repairs or replacement for the first 12 months and will only apply to cars, light trucks and vans up to one (1) ton capacity. Parts and workmanship warranty with no labor will continue for 24 months or 50,000 miles with the same limitation previously listed. On justifiable warranty claims, Budget Engine Rebuilders, Inc. will reimburse labor costs to the original purchaser after a complete examination by Budget Engine Rebuilders of the engine or parts. Reimbursement of labor payment will be based on the most recent Motors Flat Rate Manual at the Factory Time Standard Listed, with a limitation of $30.00 per hour. Labor payments will only apply if an authorized certified licensed repair facility is used and only upon proper documentation of billing and proof of payment if applicable. This Limited Warranty does not cover labor on do it yourself installers. This warranty begins to run from the date of the original invoice and any repairs or replacements shall not extend this warranty. Budget Engine Rebuilders, Inc. is not responsible for replacement of damaged or worn accessories and equipment.


A copy of the warranty must be signed and received by Budget Engine Rebuilders, Inc. within fourteen (14) days of the sale to be effective. Budget Engine Rebuilders reserves the right to warranty any and all justifiable claims on an engine only upon prompt notice by the customer and after complete examination of the returned engine or parts to verify the defect. Budget Engine Rebuilders reserves the right to refund no more than the original cost of the engine on any and all justifiable claims. Any warranty claims must be verified by Budget Engine Rebuilders.


    1. Misuse - Rebuilt engines or parts that are damaged by speeding, overheating, accident, damaged or defective accessories or components (not included in sale), abuse, neglect>
    2. Fluids or Towing
    3. Faulty Installation - Damages that are a result of faulty, incorrect or unqualified installation voids the warranty. Budget Engine Rebuilders, Inc. will not be responsible for engine failure due to undiagnosed pre-existing problems related to: cooling system, carburation, fuel injection, EGR valve, catalytic converter, electrical/computer sensors etc., torque convertor or transmission. It is the installing mechanics responsibility to make any and all Manufacturers Specific Engine Adjustments required, and should diagnose and correct any mechanical related problems that would effect the proper installation and correct driveability performance of the engine. Budget Engine Rebuilders, Inc. strictly covers only the mechanics of the engine sold.


  1. Other Equipment - Accessories or damages to equipment not provided as part of the engine sale, including without limitation: radiator, carburetor, fuel injectors, wiring, starter, etc.
  2. Incidental & Consequential Damages - Loss of time, loss of income, loss of use of vehicle, inconvenience, commercial loss or incidental or consequential damages, injury to person, nor do repairs or replacement extend this warranty beyond the described period from the date of original installation.


Budget Engine Rebuilders, Inc. disclaims all warranties, express or implied. Other than the terms and provisions of this Warranty, no other warranty is expressed or implied. THIS SALE CARRIES NO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR USE OR PURPOSE.


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I have carefully read through this Limited Warranty, and I understand and agree to all the terms and conditions that apply.




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