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Engine Camshaft Break-in Engine Oil Warning

From Aera Tech Bulleting TB2333R

The AERA Technical Committee has warned against using modern day engine oils to break in flat tappet camshafts. Modern engine oils do not contain enough zinc to protect the camshaft during break-in.

Numerous AERA members report premature flat tappet camshaft failure during and after break in. This is an ongoing issue and is not related to any specific brand of camshaft.

Diesel engine oils produced before January 2007 still contain enough zinc to help properly break-in flat tappet camshafts. These CI-4 oils are: Delo 400, Delvac and Rotella T.

Enginetech recommends adding an aftermarket Zinc additive to engines with flat tappet camshafts running with today’s modern engine oils. Synthetic engine oils should never be used to break in a flat tappet camshaft.

INSCAM Rev 30Oct08

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